1. Provisioning Summary - How to setup a new company Read More
  2. Provisioning Expiry -  Details on user expiry options. Read More
  3. App Updates - Instructions for re installing or updating the app on iOS and Android. Read More
  4. App Codes, Pin Codes and Tokens - Instructions for assisting users with codes and pins. Read More

Provisioning Summary

There are two key steps to provisioning a new user.
1. Setup a company in the Admin Portal
2. Email the new user a link to the Registration Portal
Note: If the user is secured by token (see below), the email to the user must also include the token/authorisation code to be used as a part of the registration process.

Setting up a Company.
The provisioning system is designed to provide secure access to approved employees within a company. The first step with provisioning a new user is to make sure their company is setup in the Admin Portal.

There are two options for setting up a new company:
- Secure by: Token
- Secure by: Domain

Secure by: Token is used when the company is small and does not have a consistent company email domain. In this case, their employees will be using individual email addresses e.g. tom.smith@gmail.com. When the company is setup using this system, a unique token is generated for the company and needs to be supplied separately to any user within that company. The token is also referred to as an authorisation code. This code will be required by the user when they are registering to download the app in the registration portal. The registration portal first asks for an email address. When the email address is not recognised (no registered company email domain) the user will be asked to supply the token.

Secure by: Domain is used when the company has a consistent email domain such as @metroview.com.au. As every employee's email address will be consistent, it is simpler to "Secure by domain". This means anyone who has an email address ending in @metroview.com.au for example will be allowed to download the app. This option eliminates the need for the extra authorisation code.

Once the company has been setup in the Admin Portal, the new user can be directed to the Registration Portal. On the Registration Portal page the new user enters their name, email address and device type. If their company was secured by token, they will be requested to enter the supplied token/authorisation code. If their company was secured by domain nothing further is required. 

Once the user is authenticated, they will receive an email with instructions for installing the app.

Expiry Summary

Expiry Overview.
There are two expiry options when configuring a company:
- Check-in Expiry
- Final Expiry Days
These expiry options are configured on a company by company basis.

Check-in Expiry Days is the amount of time the app can run without checking in. The app will try to checkin with the server every day to make sure the Final expiry is valid. Due to lack of coverage in the field, an app may not be able to check in for a few days. Check-in Expiry Days is the max days allowed without checking in. After Check-in Expiry Days expires, there is a grace period of 3 days before the app will not start without an internet connection to allow the app to checkin with the server.

Final Expiry Days is the amount of time the pin can be used before it expires and a new pin is required. This value is used to manage how long a user has access to the sensitive company data.

Note: There is no default number for either expiry. The expiry values are set when creating a new Domain or Token.

See below for changing the expiry values for an existing company.

Changing The Expiry Value

To change the existing expiry values for a company, you firstly need to Revoke the current domain. Make sure you say NO to revoking all pins for the domain. Once the domain is revoked, recreate the domain again with the new values.

App Updates

If auto updates are switched on, the app will automatically update to the latest release. If auto updates are not turned on or the app needs to be reinstalled, follow the specific instructions below for Android and iOS.

Click here for the end user version of this help instruction. (separate page without the admin portal detail)

To manually install or update the Android app, simply go to the Play Store and search for the app. If an update is available, the download button will say Update instead of Install or Open.

As the iOS app is a Private app, you cannot just search for it on the App Store - the app does not exist for the general public. The user needs to go into their existing purchases on their iPhone and the private app will appear in the list for re downloading or updating. See the instructions below...

My Purchases

Once in the My Purchases area, scroll down through the list of available apps and then select the Download or Update option on the right.

App Codes, Pin Codes and Tokens

If a user is requesting support for a code or a pin it is important to qualify what is actually required. The user may be saying one thing but actually meaning something else.

App Code
As the iOS app is a Private app, you cannot just search for it on the App Store - the app does not exist for the general public. An app code is supplied in the provisioning email along with a clickable link that includes the same app code. When a user clicks on the link, they are taken to the App Store where the code is redeemed. The app will then download to the iPhone desktop in the usual way. (The user needs to be signed into their Apple App Store account) If the app is not fully downloaded at this time due to coverage or internet issues, the user will not be able to find the app on their phone. They will then try to click on the link again in the email. At this point they will get a message saying "Cannot Redeem Code. You've already redeemed this offer."
If this is the issue, provide the user with the end user version of App Update Instructions.

Pin Code
The pin code is required to unlock the app once it has been downloaded from the app store. The user is supplied a pin code in the provisioning email. Pin codes can expire.

The typical method for provisioning a company is to use the company email domain (Secure by: Domain). If a company does not have a domain i.e. workers are using their own private email addresses, the Secure by: Token method must be used. With this method, an additional token code is generated and must be supplied to the user.

See the flow chart below for assistance with working out where to direct a user based on their actual issue...


The most typical issue is going to be the App Code for iOS users.

Cannot Redeem Code

If the user has the message above on their iPhone, it is an iOS App Code issue. See the App Code section above for details.

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